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Reducing hospitalizations and mortality: clinical myth or reality?

Prof. John Morgan
Chief Medical Officer, Rhythm Management Europe, Boston Scientific

Prof. Martin Cowie
Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College London (Royal Brompton), UK

Dr. Yi Zhang

PhD, Boston Scientific Research and Development Manager, US

To watch the full webinar, please click on the Watch button on this page. If you prefer to watch individual segments of this webinar, please click on the title of the segment in the agenda below.  Agenda: Monday, 26th June 2017, 19:30 CEST (18:30 BST)
1. Introduction and objective Prof. John Morgan
2. The use of diagnostics in the management of HF patients Prof. Martin Cowie
3. The HeartLogicâ„¢ concept Dr. Yi Zhang
4. MultiSENSE and the potential of HeartLogic in preventive therapy Prof. Martin Cowie
5. Q&A: How would you integrate Heartlogic in your clinical practice?  
6. What us the weight if each sensor in the final index in HeartLogic  Dr. Yi Zhang
7. Q&A: Can we state the body weight and blood pressure monitoring are now obsolete in daily practice?  
8. Q&A: How should I react once I see an alert?  
9. Q&A: When will HeartLogic be available in current devices?  
10. Q&A: What would be the impact of HeartLogic data in clinical workload?  
11. Q&A: How should patients be involved in the use of HeartLogic and HF management?  
12. Conclusions Prof. John Morgan



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June 2017

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